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Behaviour and Discipline

As first time parents, you’ll quickly discover that the moment news of your pregnancy reaches everyone, or that baby bump becomes obvious, everyone will want to share everything they know about parenting with you. Don’t worry; it’s okay to feel overwhelmed by all the well-meaning advice – all new parents do! There is a lot to think about when you’re about to start a new family.
There is no golden age or time when it becomes necessary to stop breastfeeding. In fact, there are such strong, clear benefits for mothers and their babies generally, that for as long as breastfeeding can be continued, it can and should be.
Learn about the factors that influence your baby’s development.
Babies and toddlers are just as much at risk of dental decay as an older child or adult. You can find information and tips on oral hygiene for baby and toddler at Huggies Singapore.

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