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Development and Milestone

When your baby learns to walk, he or she becomes a toddler and so begins an amazing journey of exploration, rapid learning and growth. It’s important to understand the milestones in toddler development and to know what to expect. That way you’ll be equipped to deal with whatever your tot throws at you – be it a soggy wheatbix hurled in a fit of fury, a flat refusal to go to sleep, or sinking their teeth into other children. Toddler development can be a difficult time, as toddlers can get very frustrated and cranky. They’re bursting with energy, ideas and questions about their world, but they don’t yet have the language to express themselves. Growing children can drive you crazy, but they can also be lots of fun. Find out how your understanding and guidance can help get them through this challenging time.
Gearing up for the first step in your baby's development. Huggies shares with you on what you can expect and how you can guide your baby as they grow.
Be prepared for when your baby starts crawling and walking
Baby development is an amazing journey for every mother. Huggies shares with you some interesting experience you may encounter.

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